Chris Burkard

Surf Photographer

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Chris Burkard

Central California

Written by Eric Fairbanks

In a discipline where precociousness is a rarity, Chris Burkard stands out. The twenty-year-old has been shooting for only two years, but already has demonstrated a singular talent for composition and lighting. In fact, a Burkard photo is almost instantly recognizable as such. "I've always been artistically inclined", said Chris, "and photography is such an expressive medium, it's perfect. I aim to document a place and time". That 'place' has been predominantly the rough-hewn central coast of California surrounding his Pismo Beach home, where he got his start with an old Pentax bought at a Goodwill auction. "It taught me about light" Chris laughed. Though a relative newcomer to surf photography, Chris cites the late iconic Ron Stoner as an influence.

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